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Not all scratch-off games in the lottery are the same.

By using publically available data, a ranking of various lottery games can be established. The ranking system uses game odds, number of claimed prizes, and prize amounts to compare each scratch-off game to each other game available via the Texas lottery.

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Welcome to the Best Texas Lottery Scratchoff Tickets

Why play just any scratch-off ticket offered by the Texas Lottery, when you can select the best ticket? This site list Texas lottery scratch-off games in order to provide you the best chance of winning the highest payout. Although winning is not guaranteed, this list ranks the current scratch-off games by prize amounts, total number of prizes, and prizes unclaimed.

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Top Three $1 Games

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Best $1 Games

as of Oct 26, 2016.
Rank Name
1. 1772 Cash 2 Go
2. 1626 Did I Win?
3. 1809 Texas A&M University
4. 1757 $7 Million Payout
5. 1810 The University of Texas
6. 1800 Weekly Bonus
7. 1447 Money Craze
8. 1762 Spicy 9's
9. 1689 Lucky Bucks
10. 1738 Hit $5,000
11. 1697 Triple Payout!

-- Target these games for best odds of finding the top prize.

Top Three $2 Games

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Best $2 Games

Rank Game Name
1. 1802 Break the Bank
2. 1770 Wild 7's Doubler
3. 1795 Instant Bingo
4. 1708 Queen Of Spades
5. 1754 Cats vs. Dogs - Dogs vs. Cats
6. 1735 Hit $50,000!
7. 1793 Weekly Grand
8. 1788 Triple The Money
9. 1805 PITBULL
10. 1749 Money Bags
11. 1765 Gas Monkey Garage
12. 1778 Break the Bank